Monday, August 13, 2007

Boo hoo


You will not believe it but my camera has died! Yep Its gone. Now I need to purchase a new one. Now my issue is which one to purchase. Since taking pics for my blog here I know I want one that will take close ups and show details of my crochet. Now I just need to search out for the right one.

Now because I dont have a camera right now I wont have any pics for you to look at. Well except the last couple I have that I took before my camera died. So here they are.

The first pic is of my new crochet hook. I got it off of ebay and I just love it. It even came with a really cute wood ring as a thank you gift. It came from Costa Rica. And it came in its very own hand made wooden box, I just love it.

The second pic is a pic of one of my roses my daughter had me make up of her wedding coursage. She wants all her flowers to be crocheted. So Im trying differant things to make them look nice. She now wants to get married in Hawaii maybe aon a cruise ship. So I wont have to make as many:) heehee what fun!

Ok Ill be back again real soon camera or no camera. Ill let you know what Ive been up to crochet wise. Happy crocheting!!
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