Friday, September 28, 2007

Well friends,
heres a big kiss from Fifi:) I needed one today. I just got back from the surgeon. They are going to go ahead and do a ultrasound biopsy on my breast. So as soon as I get the info I may blog about that too. He says Im high on the list for cancer since my sister got heres late in life so I could too. I really think it is just a cyst but now I will find out. So please dear friends if you have yet to get your mamo done this year go and get it now!
Ive been reading alot of my friends blogs and I just love what they are doing on them. Susan over at Blackberry Creek is having give aways on her blog I may do that here. Wont that be fun. Im going to look around here and see if there would be anything you all might like to get. You never know.
Ive been busy making scarves for Dee for her challenge 60 scarves in 60 days. So far we have around 25 scarves made, Im going to try and make a few more to get that number up there:) If you can make a scarf and give it away to a great charity and let Dee know and she will add you to the growing list of volunteers.
Ok go have a great day and enjoy it:) Happy crocheting I will go!
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