Sunday, September 16, 2007


I just had to share with you pics of what my sweet sister Jerri ( The one who has cancer) She gave me the sweetest doll that she had crocheted several years ago. Isnt she adorable? She has a little muff and she has fishnet stockings on her legs. They are so cute. Im going to see if she may still have the pattern for the doll. Id love to make a few for my grandkids.

My sister is doing well with her treatments and she is even looking pretty good too! If you think about her please say a prayer for her:)

Ok Im off to crochet more scarves for CrochetWithDee 60 scarves in 60 days. Poor Dee sprained her wrist and she is still crocheting (gingerly) so she can make her goal. If you likeyou too can make a scarf or two all you need to do is make how wever many you like then donate them to a worthy cause. Let Dee know and she will keep a running tab on how many we get made. Yipee how exciting! Happy crocheting my friends.

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