Wednesday, January 21, 2009

continued saga of hex afghan

Heres the pic without the heart isnt it so cute? I thought the bunny needed something more so here is the bunny with the heart...
Oh did you notice the belly button? I added that too! I was having fun cant you see?


Ive been busy crocheting as usual:) Ive have taken some time off and made this little rabbit. Isnt it cute? It was really easy to make too! I took a pic of the rabbit with no heart and then another with the heart how do you like it? cute huh?

Im still working on the Hex afghan and I think its coming along really great. I saw this movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and the star Jane Powell wore this really pretty cover over her shoulders in the movie so Im thinking of making it. I studied the pattern the best I could Ill take a pic of the motif and show you what I came up with, I think it would be fun to make. The movie was made in 1954 wow thats so cool that they showed a crochet piece way back when:) heheh I was born in 1955 see how old I am?

I took the pic of the bunny sitting in the flowers of the hex afghan how do you like it?

Oh ok Iam having dinner with Shawn and the kids tonight with Terry too! Shawn is making a Shepards Pie sounds good huh? Does to me too! Have a great week...

Oh yea Carol was moved out of the hospital into a Rehab place please pray she can leave soon!
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