Sunday, January 11, 2009


I havent been doing much this past week other than hang out with Hubby:) He took the week off to relax after that hectic holiday week and all.

We did ride out to Pahrump to visit with Di and Larry to see their new place. Very pretty I must say I liked it there it was very quiet for a change from Vegas. Maybe when Terry and I decide to retire we may look into it. We will see.

I baby sat for the kids today and I got a message from Di that Carol was in the hospital again for the same thing as last time ...congestive heart failure. Mostly water in her lungs. PLEASE pray for her she hates the hospital. I pray she will be comfortable.

I put a chicken in the crockpot I dont know if it will be done but I think I could let it cook all night, man I bet it would taste good by tomorrow:)

I havent even been working on my afghan either I should get back to it thats for sure! I have made over 50 motifs I need maybe 150 more to make it big enough:) Boy I can bite off a big one cant I:)

I hope you like my new song I have listed, I feel in love with it while I read at night I listen to every night and they play this song all the time I just love it! They never mentioned who sang it but I figured it out someone called TobyMac. Ill leave it up for awhile I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Ok I should take down this tree. Terry keeps mentioning it so I think thats his idea of a hint:) heehee ok Ill take it down.
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