Tuesday, March 16, 2010

today as always

I went to lunch yesterday with my friends Diane and Sherry. We had some really great pizza...yummmm. I miss seeing my friends very much these days but oh well what can you do?
Im in the midst of crocheting some irish roses for a pillow I want to add to0 my bedroom. I started it in number 10 med pink thread and I just realized that I was suppose to use regular cotton to do the pillow ow well Ill make 2. As soon as I can get my regular computer back Ill add some pics of all the crochet Ive been doing. Im getting ready to start a new afghan I need to have ready by mid April:) whew I better get started huh?
Ok have a wonderful week and Ill try and get back here with some updates. In the mean while go check out some of my friends sites I have listed on the left side bar.

ok dokey Ill be back for sure soon
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