Wednesday, July 02, 2008

bummed out for sure

This has a been one wicked month for me. As you know I had my little surgery so far Im down 28 pounds. Yipee in one month I cant believe it but I suppose only eating 4 ounces of food 3 times a day will do that to you:)
Love is such a sore subject here with me. I could have swore that it lasts forever and ever. I cant figure out how wrong I am about people. They need to learn to forgive and forget or you just cant live without it. You know what I mean? People need to just sit down and talk. Because I know there is love there.
Crochet wise Im in the midst of my secret project. Its coming along really nice. When and if I can find my camera Ill take a pic of it so you can see what Im working on. Well a small part not the whole thing because it is a secret you know?
I have been browsing thru my crochet books lately and found alot of cute things to crochet plus I forgot I bought a Santa Clause to crochet from last year that I need to make for this holiday coming up. Christmas is coming! yikes
My poor yard is so over grown with grass I just dont know when Ill be able to get it mowed. Its so hot here in Vegas ( 113 degrees) HOT HOT HOT
Ok Im going to go back and watch Bones and work on my secret project. Have a happy crochet day!
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