Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Friends, Ive been busy doing all kinds of stuff lately. Been mostly crocheting for a friends birthday and doing my charity crochet.
I went out to see Di and Larry @ Moms Diner and they actually had some meatloaf and mashed potatoes for me to eat YUM! They make the best meatloaf oh yea I did get an order of Peach Cobbler and it was fantastic of course I brought most of everything home because you know I cant eat all that food at one sitting, I had it over 3 days and it was still yummy. So if you get a chance to go to Moms Diner say Sherri sent you they may give you some ice with your ice tea:) heehee
I finished my friends birthday gift and I took a pic so when I ever get my cord for my camera Ill upload the pic so you all can see. It turned out really pretty.
Did I mention to you that I listen to podcasts every night almost? Well there is one I listen too called GettingLoopy its a crochet podcast and Marybeth is the hostess and she gives away a prize every week. And this week I won! Yippeeeee And I love what I won. Its 2 free patterns from PlanetJune she makes amigurumi animals and such. I picked out the dachsund pattern and the african flowers so I can make gifts for peoples:)
Oh yea Im hoping to go to the Pahrump Fair in the next couple weeks so Please say a little prayer that Terry says yes because I really want to attend a fair sometime this year.
Ok Ive written a book and I know I dont have any pics maybe I should go and get a pic out of my records what do you think? ok I will! Tata for now...
This is Max my hubbies buddy. As you can see he rules the couches and he lets you know it too!
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