Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hawaii bound

Hi ya friends, Im off to Hawaii for a month to see my friend Debbie who I have known since I was around 11 or so. Im 53 now so you do the math:) heehee Terry told me to go for a month so Im going! I do hope I dont get too home sick tho. Please pray for me because the last time I left for a 2 week vacation without Terry I came back after 5 days later:) Very sad I know.
Well I ordered my USB port cord for my camera since I could not find one here in Vegas. :( So I can upload pics, for you all to see what Ive been up to as of late.
I got an email from a freind of mine and she was requesting prayers for a soilders wife name Cindy who has been diagnosed with cervical cancer. Would you please pray for her she needs to stay alive for her little 5 year old son for sure!
Ok now I have been crocheting like crazy but not on my charity crochet lapghans (shame on me for sure) I need to get back to that really quick or Karen will kick my but when she gets back from Montana. I made quick little soap covers for christmas gifts and Ive made a birhtday gift for a friend of mine and Ive been doing little diddies here and there for no other good reason than to be just know what I mean.
Ok have a wonderful week and Ill try and send you a blog entry while Iam away...aloha for now.
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