Thursday, September 10, 2009

September already?!

WOW this year has just flown by this year. I cant believe it is already in September. Its been hectic here I just wish it would slow down so I could breathe alittle. I just read the most wonderful news. Over at she announced that she is expecting a little baby. I just love that this time of year. I wish I could have another baby but alas Im a little to old for that job, Im just going to have to wait for my great grandchildren that should take a while thats for sure!
Ok Ive been busy crocheting (whatelse is new). Im preparing my self for a long visit with my dear friend Debbie for a month in Hawaii next month. And I just cant bring myself to stay away from my crochet that long so I need to figure out what hook and project to take a long with me. I need to find out what I can take on the plane thats for sure. Any ideas?
Bible study starts up this Saturday. Im looking forward to that. The ladies are such a joy to study with.
Im hoping to go to Pahrump this weekend with Sherry. I think that will be fun we always do have a good time there with Di and Larry. Their resturant is going great so we may not get to visit much. But it should be fun!
I still have not got a new cord for my camera as you can see. I have been taking pics of all Ive been doing so when I locate the cord Ill post the pics for you all to see.
The new tv season is coming I glad for that because Ive been watching reruns all summer. And Im tired of that:)
Ok have I written enough already? Ill try and come back sooner than later...happy crocheting...
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