Sunday, October 04, 2009


Izabella just had her 12th birthday this past September and Shawn and I bought her the American Girl baby twin dolls and she just love them as you can see. Oh to be a little girl again.
I found this pattern onlne and I just had to make it, isnt the kitty cute? Terry is allergic to cats so I can have any but when I was little I always had a cat until Terry and I married that is:)

Here is the beginnings of a pillow that I will show you in just a minute:) I dont do alot of thread work but when I do whatch out! I keep making things in thread too I think if I can Ill take some on the plane with me.

Tada here is the pillow I told you about didnt it turn out great? Izbella has claimed it as hers so I have fight her for it every time she comes over:)

Heres is my very blurry pic of my Bella girl she has turned out to be a great companion to Terry and I.

Wow Ive got 8 followers now so cool to have you follow me here on my little blog. Ive been busy crocheting (is that news?) But I am far behind in my charity afghan but I know when I get back from Hawaii that I will catch up.

I pray that you all have a fantastic October. October is my favorite season right along with May I think. I love fall and spring for sure. I love the changing seasons thats kinda funny because I was always one that didnt like change. Change of any kind upset me but as Ive gotten older I have come to enjoy the changing ways of the world.

Im off to Hawaii on Wednesday and I wish I could take you all with me oh what fun we would all have for sure! Terry bought me the new Ipod touch so I can get internet on it so Ill be checking in on you all. My hubby is so worried about me going on this trip and do pray that he will be ok without me. I think he will be ok with the dogs to look after him and all.

I did get a new USB cord for my camera but found out that the connection in my camera is broken and I was able to buy some little dohicky that takes the digital disk that I can upload pics so I can give you some more great pics of my every faithful little companion Bella, So enjoy! Have a happy crochet day my friends and love the Lord with all your heart!

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