Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some more Oklahoma trip

This is Bobby my cousin with Carri my sister, we were at the family reunion and having a great time as you can see!
This is Carri she had just waken up and starting her day before we went to the family reunion. Doesnt she look ready to go?

Yep this is me in all my glory of course I took my crochet so I would have something to do with my hands.

This is a pic of the park we were at for the reunion, It was so pretty and green there I just loved it!

This is David my brother , Carri my sister and of course me:) We were sitting at the old whittling tree in the middle of Main street downtown Ada. Its been there as long as Ive been alive and Im 53 now so its a very old tree!
Ok my friends Ive been crocheting afghans for the convalesant home that I do every year. Im doing ok but I dont think Ill make the 80 afghans that I will need. But I pray I can at least get 50 done by December. And I need to do my Christmas crochet as well. I havent decided on what to make this year it may be an Angel or even a crocheted bell I just dont know. I bought a very sweet book from Dani from her Christmas in July sale you can find here :
daniv1951 on Etsy - daniv1951's crafting and embroidery patterns....
Go check her out she has some great items up for sale.
Im going to be taking alittle vacation on October 3 and 4th to the Taos New Mexico Wool Festival which I hope will be great. Ive never been to a wool festival before so Im pretty excited about going. And I really wanted to see Taos. Its in the mountains and my doc says that its great that Ive lost so much weight because the altitude is quite high and I would never have made it walking around. Did I tell you I have lost a total of 86 pounds since last year around June 2, 2008. I really hope I can loose another 80 pounds by next year. Keep up the prayers please!
Ok Im going to sign off now Ive got crocheting to finish and Oh yea Shawn took Isabella to see the new Harry Potter movie so much fun I hope. OK Im going see ya all later.

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