Friday, June 19, 2009

Heres Izabella and grandpa Terry standing in front of Larry's black 48 chevy. We just arrived in Pahrump, Nevada to check out their new Diner
Heres Larry manning the cash register in Moms Diner! I love the colors dont you? Very cheery!

This is a little cute mobile that I covet:) not really I dont mind seeing it there, just so I can visit:) heehee

Heres one of the walls that was decorated in homey stuff. You can see the chair legs up because we didnt show up till almost closing. Sorry!

This is Diane she is one of the owners of Moms Diner and she does most of the work I think!
Im writing this on Friday the week after I was first there. Today I drove to Pahrump with Sherry so she can see what all the talk was about. We had a great time. I had the most wonderful meatloaf the first visit then I had clam chowder the second visit. It was great! Di made fresh coconut pie and Sherry had the lemon cream cheese. I must say the pie was fantastic!
SO if you ever find yourself driving through Pahrump Nevada stop by and say Sherri sent you they might just let you stay and eat anyways:) haha

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