Monday, June 29, 2009

35th Wedding Anniversary

HI there June 8th was Terry and mine anniversary and our chitlins Abbea and Shawn paid for us a little rest at the Palazzo Hotel and Casino next to the Venitian. On the strip. Isnt it beautiful? Terry and I had a fantastic time. We arrived on Sunday the 7th and we ate at a really cool mexican returant and then the kids paid for us to see the Jersey Boys Show. It was fantastic I loved it. Thats why your listening to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
This here is a pic of our suite. There was three tvs in this room. One in the bedroom and the others in the living room and then the bathroom. Where I bought down in the shop called Basin White bath balls to soak in. Great!

I decided to be a tourist so I took a few pics of the strip:)

Heres the pic of the lobby there was umbrellas everywhere.

Another view of the umbrellas in the lobby. They were so awe inpiring.
Ive been busy making afghans and booties because everyone wants booties right now:) Abbea gave me 60.00 dollars to buy yarn to make her booties and boy did I have fun buying yarn. I bought cotton and regular yarns that were on sale at JoAnns plus I got 10% coupon so I had fun!
I love buying and touching and playing in yarn can you tell?
Ok enjoy the music and have a great day...

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