Thursday, December 04, 2008

People, People, People,
Im alive really I am. Ive been down with this nasty bug and I havent barely started packing. I can homestly tell you I have 6 boxes packed:) Thats the beginning thats for sure, Pray for us we are all still really sick and I need my strengnth to get through all of this.
Im still working on the lapghans and Im really almost finished if it was not for Karen helping me I know I would not have finshed all of these items. THANKS Karen!
I havent even started my Christmas gifts I dont think Ill be able to make what I wanted to make this year Ill just have to save it for next year.
I have some prayer requests to ask you to pray for they are Larry and Diane and Susan and Vann. Please pray that God stays with them and lifts them up in their time of need.
Ok Im off of here now to get some much needed rest. IM in the middle of rereading the Left Behind series and I cant wait to get back to it. Tata for now my sweet friends...
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