Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowy days in Vegas!!

These are some of the sites I saw while I was driving along the highway
I know I should have not been taking pics while driving but I couldnt resist it!
This highway 15 runs along the strip and these are some of the sites where you couldnt see the hotels and casinos
I couldnt believe that there was hardly any cars on the streets
Now you can see what it looks like here in Vegas the desert when it snows:)

Well Ive been busy making some last minute CHRISTmas gifts and Im having a blast at it! I really enjoy this time of that is! Im thinking of putting up my CHRISTmas tree anyways because I miss it so much. And I have no where to put my wrapped gifts.
Ok Ill see you all in a few days, Did you notice I have another follower I cant believe that people actually read my blog but oh well I hope Im interesting! heehee Merry CHRISTmas! Happy crocheting!
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