Thursday, April 17, 2014

My spring coming forth

 Here's my new bike from my hubby. Isn't she grand? I can't wait to ride her just in my little neighborhood. 
One of my roses blooming isn't she pretty? I just love the color!

I ought a very nice looking avacado plant. Can you see the very tiny start of an avacado? I can't wait to taste them. So yummy and good for you and me! Yum!

I'm working on a new afghan for spring. They are little motif that kinda look like flowers. But it's called the kalidascope afghan on the Red Heart site. It's so easy peasy to make. As soon as I get finished I'll take pics for you all to see.
High 80s here in Vegas. So nice I pray it last at least a month without getting to hot to quick!
  It's been in the 
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