Thursday, March 06, 2014


 Here's my cute little potholder I made for my sis. She wanted ones that were heavy enough so the heat wouldn't come through. I added a sheet of felt in the middle to give it more heft, turned out really nice. So I'm making myself a couple as well. So cute and easy peasy.
These are my little booties I made for my mom and sister for their birthdays. They like them, said they could use more, I'd really like to make myself some next. Heehee too funny make myself some!

I tried making pics of them all. Using one skein makes a pair of these slippers. So fun and easy to make.

  I've got to get back to my Lords Supper filet piece. As is I'm working so slow on it! I was hoping to have it completed by Easter, but now it seems maybe by next Easter as slow as I'm working and so many other items coming along. I keep finding things to take me a way from the filet piece.

  Be calm and keep warm... Crochet on and remember spring is coming...

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