Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Followers following me who would of thunk it

I love this horse, so majestic!
  Lately every time in see pictures of horses I post them and I send the pics to my hubby.  I would love to own horses but alas I live in the city and have no room for them. A while back around 15 years ago I had a couple of awesome Great Danes. They think they are horses does that count? Lol

Wow have you noticed I have 30 followers as of today. Wow I can't believe 30 people would want to know anything about me.
One thing you need to know about me is I love my Lord and Savior Jesus and crocheting. Heehee what a pair me and Jesus, I think He must be amused by me and my crochet. I so enjoy it. I love reading all about crochet. So if you have a site or blog that is all about Jesus and crochet, hook a Sista up!
  Think you for stopping by my little world, it's just a slice but it's my slice!
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