Thursday, July 03, 2014

Life with Sissi

This is a follow up of life with Sissi!
We got Sissi from the local pound on Thursday. We paid 210.00 for this sweet dog. My hubby bought her for me for our 40th wedding anniversary gift. I was tickled pink, she was as sweet as can be. We went to purchase her and I informed them I had three dogs at home waiting for her to join them.
  Well we got her home and introduced her to every dog seindividually ad they all seemed fine with her but maybe not my Teacup doxie. She was not thrilled by her at all.
  Come Sunday our Pickle was coughing and feeling sick. We waited till Tuesday and took her to our vet. Then on Wednesday the other two fur babies started getting sick! Now all three were as sick as can be. Come to find out Sissi had picked up a virus at the pound and got all my fur babies sick, then by Friday she was sick too!
  My little gift cost us around 700.00 by the time they all went to the vet and all their meds.
  Now she is just one of the family she I a as healthy as can be.
  She is a pure delight and has come out of her shell.
  Tho I must tell you it took awhile before Teacup would accept her into the fold. Now they play all the time.
  I just thought I'd share a little of my life with you all!

  I'm crocheting again after getting Sissi I took a week off because all I wanted to do was play and hold her all the time. Lol. By the time I did get back to crocheting my hands hurt. Have you ever had that problem not crocheting awhile then starting again with hurting hands?
  Ok be blessed my friends and stay cool!
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