Saturday, July 19, 2014

July in Vegas, hot, hot, hot!

 This is a little doily I found on the internet on Thursday and I finished it on Friday. It is so cute, I need to block it then I think I'll give it away as a gift to a friend of mine.

 Here's Sissi and Teacup actually liking each other. It's taken awhile for Teacup to welcome Sissi into our pack but she is finally mellowing  to the idea. You can see Pickle in the background, Pickle and Sissi are best of friends.
I found this little caption on Pinterest and it states how I feel sometimes when people ask me what I'm knitting. Nothing against knitting but come on already!
  Speaking of knitting I'm learning to knit socks, it's been real slow because I have so much crochet going on at this time of the year.

  So tell me what are you all working on?

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