Sunday, August 03, 2008

crocheting away as usual

Ive started my Christmas charity crocheting this past week. Ive decided to crochet 80 senior items for a convelstants home that is with my friend at church. Im trying to make walker totes and maybe some shawls and a few lapghans. Im hoping I can get others interested in this project too. If anyone is interested in making a few items I can sure use the help. Email me if you want to help. I know the seniors would really be happy to get something this Christmas.
YOu all know that my sister Jerri past away last December. Well she has been on my mind alot lately. I miss her and my oldest sister Terri as well. I think Im just kinda down about them not being here when I want to chat with them.
Say a few weeks back I was so dissappointed in someone who said they were in love but just was not showing it. Well everything is going good as of today. I just pray it will continue to be ok. THanks for all my friends who emailed me and sent wellwishes to me.
My computer is broken. well actually the part so I can upload pictures and print items. So tommorrow Im taking the hard drive down to get it fixed.
Im still working on my surprise pattern a little hint is that is a filet item made with yarn. As soon as I get my computer fixed Ill take a pic so you can get an idea.
Maybe you can help me out I have totally reworked a pattern I say in a magazine. Can I still post the new pattern? I was thinking of posting the pattern here on my site but I dont want to take away from the original designer. It looks a little like hers but all new. I dont know if I should or shouldnt. HELP!!
Ok Im off to work my little crochet fingers off. Have a great day!
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