Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh what a day today will be ...

Heres a pic of my towel holders Ive been making I thought you might like to see them up close
This is showing the towel holder open

I cant inmagine what your day is like but boy oh boy do I have a day to do nothing:) heehee kidding, I have lots of crocheting to do and Im having fun doing it all. I retaught a friend of mine , Karen you know who you are, to vcrochet because I was afraid I wouldnt get done with my charity crochet for this year, you all know about my little charity to the convelescent home this year. Well Im (we)are half way there! Yipee!! I love completing a project I hope to be finished by Thanksgiving so I can crochet my gifts for Christmas. Im broke this year but have plenty of love to give out. I think we are all watching our pennies this year and maybe more to come,
Ok Ive chatted enough about my lot in life Im just happy Jesus is with me to keep me on my right and narrow way:)
Im adding a pic of a few things Ive been crocheting just so you wouldnt get bored with my typing:) Im also in the need to make some more Chemo caps, one day I wont have to make them for chemo reasons, just for fun. Ok lets have today and enjoy our family and friends....

I was playing around with the magic square and thought you might like to see one in progress

Heres the square in double crochet instead of the usual single crochet stitch. It works the same no matter what stitch you want to use. Its really easy I chained maybe 41 stitches then single crocheted in the second stitch from the hook and single crocheted across. You should have 40 sc stitches then single crochet into the back loop of the first stitch and continue till the end and then continue all the way around keep doing this till you have maybe 20 rows and you should have a completed magic square you will notice the sides will fall in on you, just sew up the seam with maybe a blind stitch and walla a hotpad! If this doesnt make sence to you just ask and Ill try and explain better:) HGappy crocheting..
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