Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ok Im back to my old self:) Ive wrapped my head around moving back to the old neighborhood. I really dont want to but to prepare our way to the future its a must do issue. The house has been rented for over 15 years and I just cant imagine what it looks like now, since I have not been in it for over 5 years. I just know the people renting it now hoard things, all kinds of things! I just pray they take it all with them when they move out:)
I have all kinds of plans for the house once I get in there tho. I hope I can deal with all the mess till then. I have to start collecting boxes now so I will have them ready when I need them.
I want to thank you all for praying for me... I felt the prayers for sure! God will bless me in this new adventure He always does!
IM continuing crocheting for the charity I chose this year. I have 2 other ladies helping me out so its coming along I think I will make the deadline Dec.15.
Ok have a great day and dont forget to go VOTE please.
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