Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Im here

Friends, Ive been busy with my crocheting for the convelesent home, Im almost done. I need 10 more lapghans and then Im finished. My friend Karen is bringing up the shawls from the rear:) heehee Shes doing fantastic. Keep up the great work Karen!
Im in the midst of trying to obtain boxes for moving. We found out tonight that the renter will be out sometime in mid December so we will be moving as soon as they are out. We need to pick paint colors and carpet and linolium. I want to get this right so I dont have to do it again really soon. Im trying to decide how to decorate I feel like this will be almost my last try at decorating this old house. I thought about country but my furnishings is more modern and antiques mixed. I may try contemporary. I have figured out I want Roosters for my kitchen I love roosters. I already decorate in red and black here so I thought I would add roosters in the mix:)
Im going to take before pics so you all can see what Ill be up to as soon as we can get in there. Im waiting for the gas company to call to see if we can go gas in the house its all electric right now. But where we live right now is mostly gas and I love it. So say a little prayer that they can convert the house to gas.
Ok Ill be back as soon as I can get a break...Dani summoned me back from the crocheting world by asking were Ive been hiding. Ill be back...
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