Friday, November 21, 2008

Susan and Van

TO all who may happen by here... Can you send a little or two or three prayers up toward God to hear for Van and Susan? They are in the midst of a big medical issue and they are asking for prayers. And I just know you will all do that for me for sure:) You can read more about Van over on Susans site . I know they would love it if you sent them a little prayer their way.
Im doing great Ive been working (Crocheting) on my lapghans I need 10 more lapghans then Im done. Did I tell you last week about a very sweet lady named Debra called me and offered a small collection of patterns and some yarn that belong to her dear momma. Her mom was an avid doily maker and she would do charity work too! She passed a few months ago at 88 years old and Debra did not know what to do with her moms vast collection of patterns and some yarn too. Of course I said ...Sure I"ll take it:)I love all the doily patterns. Makes me want to start one right now but of course Ive got to finish my lapghans before starting a doily. But I plan next year to start on a new project maybe some filet will do me good!
IM also collecting boxes so I can box up all my little goodies in my home. Ive started with the library ( yes this house has a library) Im going to miss it, thats for sure, so Im trying to weed out books but I just dont want to give any up. Ive started rereading my books. Im in the middle of the Left Behind Series. I love my books! If you know of a goods read let me know Im always game.
Ok have a great night I need to get back to my crocheting...
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