Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prayers needed

Ok my Friends,
I need all my praying friends to pray that we can sell our house fairly quick. I know God can do this I just want Him to do it fairly quick:) He guides my steps and I want to be in line with what He wants I really belive this is one of those things I am being directed to do. I think He wants Terry and I lined up for rough days ahead. SO He is saying down size and unload what I just dont need anymore.
Karen and I a really crocheting along with the Christmas project we are working on. She wants to go and give out the shawls and lapghans so I need to find out if we can go along to do that. What an exciting year this is going to be.
I want you all to know I love you all and Im so happy you come to my little blog to see what Im involved in these days.
Oh happy day, tata for now...
Heres alittle something for you all a Chocolate glazed donut to much on. Im down another 5 pounds Yippee Its still coming off.
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