Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our house is a very fine house...

Heres our new gate we had commisssioned for the front of our house:) Do you see the bulldog protecting us amungst the roses?
Heres the pesky palm trees that need pruning every year! I perfer a real bushy tree to these because they dont give up much shade.

Heres a few of my very old we think 30 years hedges! The gardner is coming next week to shape them back into little balls well not so little but balls none the less!
Ive been busy crocheting you wouldnt guess that...but I have. I start back up this Saturday with the bible study. We are gathering clothes for the needy so that should be great! I do have some clothes now that Ive lost a few pounds!
Im drinking my upteenth glass of tea for the day! I just love tea probably almost as I love crocheting... They go great together!
Rileys 10th birthday was on Monday and I made him a little amigurumi that he asked for Ill get a pic so you all can see!
Ok Have a great day and Ill write again real soon...

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