Monday, March 16, 2009

Heres my mom after she got out ogf the hospital. She is looking at a baby dress that I made that she asked me for.
Heres the baby dress, bloomers, hat, and booties that I made for a friend of my moms. She asked me for a little girlie dress:) I found the pattern at Annies Attic. It was so easy to make I loved doing it. I may do another one just for me so I can dress up my dolly. What do you all think?

Dont you love this flower pic? This is my daughter Abbeas first attempt at drawing. She loves drawing now and I think she is doing a great job. What do you all think?

How do you like my new pillow I found the pattern for the flower from a book I bought from my friend Dani . I loved making the flower and couldnt figure out what to do with them all till I thought of the pillow:) Cute huh?

Ok heres my grandkids in crochet! heehee thats what I told them so Im sticking to the tale:) heehee they where so much fun to make I think Im going to make pins out of them what do you think do you have any ideas of what to do with them?
As you can tell Ive been busy crocheting and doodling around. I really need to get my house straightened out because its spring! Thats what you do in the beginning of spring right?
I went to my friend Carols service it was so nice I loved it! Sweet and pleasant for what it was. I enjoyed the gathering of friends and all.
While I was there some saw my crochetedd bag and they asked if I would make them one so now Im in the midst of crocheting another bag. Im really enjoying the process of this bag it is so much fun to make. After I get done with making this bag Im going to start making the lapghans for my charity for this year. I decided to make them from the convalesant home again because I really think they need a little love from us all. I know so many think they are just forgotten. So I want to show them that Jesus never forgets them.
Ok everyone have a blessed day today and enjoy breathing !

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