Friday, March 06, 2009

Happy Birthday
Shawn Aarron Patrick McLaughlin
March 6th 1976 to now:)
Yippeee you made it to another birthday!

Heres my birthday boy last year around Izzies birthday
Heres a pic of just one of his tattoos

Another pic of Shawn!

This is a pic of Shawn at Christmas 2007.
As you can see I dont have great pics of Shawn but I will try and remedy that while he is here with me. Its Shawns birthday today and he is so getting old! I cant believe it. His dad said he would do it over again but I said excuse me he didnt do it I did! heehee but Id do it over again for sure!
Shawns a good kid and a wonderful dad! He loves his kids, golf and likes mexican food, real mexican food!
Ok Im going to show you some up to date pics of some crochet I have been doing. So as soon as I get it uploaded to my computer I will do just that! heehee my head is not screwed on today! Oh happy day!
I wanted to thank everyone for the nice comments I recieved about my loving friend Carol and her passing. You made me feel so loved by you all for leaving me those sweet messages thank again! I will treasure them always... ok back to crochet:)

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