Saturday, March 05, 2016

knittin at last

Are these lovely little sheep or what? They are so pretty. I'd love to have all these colors to knit or crochet with what about you all?

These are my very first knitted, yes I said knitted, mittens. With the help of Betsy Queen to get me to learn to make these cute little mittens. I'm hoping to make lots of pairs for Betsy and all the little ones who are so cold during the winter months. I live in Vegas and we just don't really need mittens so it's been fun learning to do them. I actually feel like I know how to knit and understand what I'm doing.

Don't mind the mess behind the little knotted mittens. It's just clutter and I was too lazy to ge p and move it all.

I'm going to take pics of my craft room for you all the before and after pics. It's so packed with boxes of stuff I just really need to destash my whole house. My hubby would love it.

Be blessed my friends and enjoy your week


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