Sunday, February 02, 2014

Tadah moments

 Here's my Heart Doily for 2014 . Isn't it pretty? I love the pink the angel was given to me from my dear friend Karen Kissam. I just love the way the angel brings out the love in my doily!
I started on my St. Patrick Day afghan. So far so good. I love the pattern it is so easy peasy to you have a St. Party's day afghan? It's not too late to start one!

This is my Christmas tree I so hated to see it put away so I kept it up and added red hearts on it for Valentines Day. I'm thinking if I'm not tired of it maybe for Easter I'll make flowers and maybe,eggs to add to it. Do you know of any patterns out there for me?

Ok I'm off here back to my st patty afghan. Stay cool my friends and I do mean warm ...

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