Monday, February 10, 2014

Another day

I found this little doily in Crochet World Spring 2014, I just fell in love with the design. I was going to work on my Lords Supper but I just had to make this little doily.. It's a easy peasy doily. So fun!

  I googled an old friend of mine that I haven't heard from since 1998. Her name happens to be Vicki, I know lots of Vicki's somehow,God hass brought them into my life.

  She lives in Mossori now, cold cold cold weather. I don't know how people live in that kinda weather. It was in the 70 s today and very sunny! I love it, nice and warm.

  I went to church on Sunday to hear my nephew Chris preach. Wow he was good, very funny and gets right to the point. I loved it, if he ever gets his own church I think I'd join up with him. He speaks the truth! Very refreshing!

  Ok I'll go back to my doily now. Be safe and warm...

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