Tuesday, July 16, 2013

doilies from June and July 2013

 Tada here it is my very lovely July CAL that I did with Stitchy McFloss. It was a little touch and go there but with her help I finished the doily. Im so happy I did It turned out lovely don't you all think?
 This little doily I made in the middle of Junes CAL and Julys CAL its really cute I think. Was thinking of making it a lot bigger but now Im having second thoughts
Heres my Crinoline lady. I started it a about three days ago and I struggled with the beginning but its taking shape now. I was hoping it would be smaller but its what it is. Im using a size 13 hook and size 40 thread. I suppose I could have used a size 20 thread but Ive begun so now this is what it is. Ill keep you all posted.
Crochet on.....
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