Sunday, July 07, 2013

1952 Chair Doily Set

 Heres pics of my next doily set. I bought 2 very ornate picture frames that I wanted to add a doily to.  Ill take pics of the frames later to show you.But I could not find a doily that I liked till now. I bought the book off of Ebay and just received it. This is the back of the chair doily I haven't decided if Im going to make or not
 This is the Lady Doily that I will be making for one of the frames. The frame is a oval frame so Im thinking of adding more stitches to the top so it doesn't look like a straight line on top. Isnt she pretty?
 This is the Gentleman doily. I like him too. THe pattern calls for size 40 thread. Ive never used such thin thread before but I think I can get used to it.
Hers what the set looks like altogether. Isnt it pretty? The pattern is dated 1952. I fell madly for it when I saw it. Please pray all goes well as I stitch it up.
Im still working on my Cluster Stitch Doily dated 1955, I have 6 more rows to go. I had some difficulties but with Stitchy McFloss' help I have figured that I need to read the pattern carefully to understand it. With being so old they read different than todays patterns. Thanks Vicki love your help!
Ok friends be good and continue to crochet on...
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