Wednesday, June 02, 2010

summer clean

man oh man oh man...I decided along with a push from hubby that I would go throughg our garage that has been piled high with boxes from our 10 years ago move. I have found items I mean my crochet stuff and my china that I have not seen but I just kenw that I had somewhere! And now I have a bunch of boxes in my living room. So this summer I will go through all of the boxes that I have whittled down to whats in my living room, which is quite alot, I will be spending my summer crocheting my lapghans and going through the boxes to try and get rid of more stuff! Do you know that I have 5 sets of dishwear some china some vintage and some new that friends and family have left me. I have no idea what to do with them all. I have 2 sets of my own that I dont use now. I need more curio cabinsts but no place to put them anywehre. heehee I will just have to pawn some stuff off to my daughter I know she will hate that!
Ok my friends have a blessed week and stay cool...happy crocheting ...
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