Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wow what a great month its been here in Vegas. I finished a great bible study and Im planning on visiting my friend Diane very soon so alls well:)
Ive been crocheting the afghans for the convelesant home I need 80 of them and Karen and Julie are busy crocheting too:) Thanks Jesus for the help! See what prayer can do for you when you ask?
Ive been cooking alont lateely too baking and cooking I should say. Ive been busy with the crock pot as well. I found a great cookbook for slow cookers and it has a lot of great recipes. I lov ethat all you have to do is fix it all up and let it cook all night and walla its ready to eat when Im up tho I really dont want to eat as soon as I get up but at least its ready when I am:)
Ok have a great week and Ill try and be back really sooner that later:) heehee Blessings...
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