Friday, July 24, 2015

CGOA conference 2015

These are doilies made by Katheryn White they are lovely and she won several awards with them! No surprise there!
My computer is acting up, so the first picture is for Vikki Hooks. I told Katheryn White what fans we are of her work. She said to say hi to you and she was very sweet to me fawning all over her. The doilies won several prizes and they were so pretty. Her cardigan which I'll post a pic later was beautiful. She does awesome work. I could only dream of being close to her work. When I grow up I'll be better! Haha
The next CGOA conference will be in Charleston, South Carolina. Hubby already told me know way was I going he said maybe the next year 2017 I can go to that if the come back to the west coast. So Vikki and Vicki save up and come join me please!
Ok I'm having a blast I really love meeting all these wonderful designers and all the other crocheters. There are so may of us. It's wonderful. I met a young lady that is 16 and she finished the Master Crochet class. She will be the youngest to have completed it. She started crocheting at the age of 6. She is a very sweet young lady! Bravo to her!
Ok I'll post more later enjoy your day!

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