Thursday, August 23, 2012

A new day

Here is a pic of the new day rising. I cant wait to see what God has for me to learn today what about you? Are you excited about your new day?
Ive been crocheting a new pattern to me, but a very vintage (1910) pattern that someone asked me to work up Im almost done with it. Ita going to be very pretty. Ill post a pic as soon as Im finished. If I think about it Ill take a pic before Im finished. What have you all been up to?
 Have you started your CHRISTmas crocheting/knitting yet?
Ive started but I cant say what because maybe just maybe someone is reading my posts.
Im excited about fall, cooler weather and crisp air and Thanksgiving wow all the fall veggies. I cant wait to see what the farmers market has in store for me this year. I love getting new exciting veggies to make. Ive been on Pinterest getting new recipes and patterns for the fall and CHRISTmas. Have you got something exciting going on in your neck of the woods?
I know not a lot of people read this blog but lets just think of this blog as a well kept secret? what do you all think?
Ive got a recipe for my favorite soup for the fall or just a cooled down day coming next week so look for it!
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