Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a little crochet and the fur babies

 I know its been awhile but I wanted to show you all my little bag I made along with the baby blanket that I made for my friend Dianes granddaughter Miriah who is making Di a Great Grandma. This is the first time that I lined the crocheted bag I just loved the material it matched the bag perfectly, dont you all think?
 I havent shown you all updated pics of my fur babies as of late. Heres Buster looking at my thinking come on it doesnt get any better pose than this, alright?
This here is little girl Pickle who thinks when I get up from my seat she can jump right up and lay there, do you think she will ever move from there?
Hers my mama girl Bella, she does not like all these other dogs living in her house, not one bit!
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