Friday, April 10, 2009

A new spring day has arrived!

Now you see what my granddaughters do all day while there here! Isabella just got her hair cut short for her and she wanted her hair curled so Alexandria is helping her out:) You remember girls day dont you all?

This is my latest afghan for my ex daughter n law. She is getting married in October and she liked the afghan I made for Alex and Janette wanted one too but in purple and black so tada here it is:) Now you know a little bit of what Ive been doing these past weeks

Ok can you figure out what all this mess is?

Tada here is the mess I was making! I put them all together and tada a bunny and a bunny egg! The bunny is for Micheal he wanted a bunny for Easter. Cute huh I got the pattern off of Esty.

Heres my spring flowers hubby bought for me over at Costcos. Now what do I do with them once there open all the way? Should I plant them or what I dont know much about tulips do any of you?
Terry is taking a few days off next week so maybe cross my toes I get to take a trip to Kingman for some Cracker Barrel:) Keep us in your prayers Id appreciate it! Have a great weekend.

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