Saturday, May 05, 2007

well I finished my copy cat afghan. I did this afghan with my Granny-Along group I joined. I got the inspiration for this afghn from another member there. She did make her afghan differant than mine but she still inspired me with the colors and the concept. I did add another row all the way around the afghan so it would be bigger. My daughter needed it to go around her she said. I love the way it turned out. I didnt add little flowers in the midst of it all because my daughter liked it the way it was.
I did the squares in the traditional granny pattern. I love the yellow going around all the squares its like a ribbon running through out. The colors are just great.

Im going to keep making more grannies to see how I can put them all together. Im going to make the squares a differant pattern through out. Ive already made several squares and thought I might as well go ahead and see if they turn out as great as I think they will. Thanks to everyone for the inspirations and all the fun a crochet freak like me can have.
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