Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jerri wearing Dees hat

Here is my sister Jerri wearing Dees hat she made her. Isnt it pretty and my sister too! She loved the hat... she loved how soft it was. I decided to make a few more hats for her. And I made one for her little girl Jenny too. I know she will get a kick out of wearing a hat like moms.
Jerri has just started her chemo treatments and she has yet to loose her hair. But we all know that that is coming soon.
Luckly Jerri hasnt gotten very sick with the treatments Thank God for that. She is a little tired but all in all everything is going well.
Shes planning alittle trip with mom and sister Carri to go to Oklahoma for a week to see the old sites of our youth. Well I should get to bed its really late here in Vegas. Its been real windy tonight as well. Have a great night!
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