Thursday, October 08, 2015

number 12

Here I am in all my toothy glory! Haha
Two weeks ago I was sitting on the couch watching tv and munching on corn nuts. As I was munching away I bit down on 2 corn nuts at once, and I promptly heard and felt my number 12 tooth crack! Yikes I thought I heard the world crack it was so loud in my head!
I went to the dentist on Tuesday and they too X-rays and looked at it with a camera. The doctor said he could not see where the tooth was cracked and maybe I was lucky and just bruised the gum really bad. On Wednesday I felt the tooth moving around in the gum. On Thursday I called the dentist and he said the gum was badly bruised and it would tighten back up on the tooth in a few days.
Well I was scheduled to travel to Colra on the next Tuesday bit the dentist said all was well. While in Colorado I developed a huge blister on my gum inside and on the outer side. My friend was scared for me because my cheek was swollen this was on Saturday. I gargles with salt water and took pain meds till I came back to Vegas on Monday.
I went to see the dentist on Tuesday and he took another X-ray but this time you could plainly see where the tooth cracked. It didn't crack vertically but horizontally! The doctor told me that in all his 31 years as a dentist he had never seen a tooth crack like mine. Ha I'm one of a kind!
Sunday the top part of the tooth feel out. And today I went to a surgeon to have the rest of the tooth removed. I also went and got a temporary bridge put on. Wow I didn't know that they did the bridges right away. I like it because it hides the hole in my gum.
So the al to ristorante is DONT eat corn nuts and kill your perfectly good teeth.
As you can see in my smile my bridge hides my missing number 12 tooth beautifully.
The dentist gave me a purple necklace which holds my tooth. So see I got jewelry for all my troubles!

I don't recommend it!

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