Monday, November 17, 2014

my world according to me...

 This is Terry and I enjoying dinner with our friends Debbie and Dan who were visiting us from Colorado. We had such a great time. I wish I could enjoy dinner with all of you!

 This is my finished baby blanket I made for my nephew Chris's friend who just had a baby, which lives in Colorado. Do you think I have connections with Colorado! Hahahaha it's beautiful there but very busy!
This is a picture a friend of a friend took while flying by! I is so awesome I just had to share with you all. Looks cold or cool what do you think?

I found a new verse in the bible I just love I hope you enjoy it too!
 Thessalonians 4:11
"Make it your goal to live a quite life,
Minding your own business and
Working with your hands
Just as we instructed you before.

Pray for all who are struggling with cancer and losing their homes. I also would love prayer for a friends nephew who is struggling with a deep depression his name is Jeff.
Thank you for praying and thinking of those that need it!

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