Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Grand daughters delights

 I've been working on my grand daughter Izabellas 17 th birthday gifts. The owl slippers are for her. And the sock monkey slippers are for my other grand daughter Alex, she loves monkeys
Here's the tote I made Izabella. I ordered her some cook books one for baking and another for general cooking. She is really getting into baking so I thought I'd buy her some tools to help her along the way!  I made Alex a tote too but forgot to take a pic. I made her a knitting tote while I was in Montana a few years back and she used it a lot now that she's knitting up a storm. Well some low life stoled it from her friends car while they were getting lunch. So I made her another one.

Ok here is the evidence that I've been knitting! Haha it's my little sock, I'm in the middle of doing the heel. The little grey piece is a piece knitted by Alex she was learning to do cable work. She did an awesome job. She didn't know what to do with it because it was too small so I asked her for it. I'm going to frame it. She is getting so good at knitting!

Ok peeps pray for our world and all Gods children.

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