Thursday, October 24, 2013

October happenings

 This is Buster trying to get comfy on our new couches. He is so cute!
This is one of my pumpkins I made for our annual block party, they all sold so now I need to make a pumpkin doily just for me.

I added beads and flowers for a little pazzazz.

This one is my favorite one, the pumpkin is a beautiful green pumpkin.

Ok I just had to add another pic of my Buster, I love him so much, can you tell?

I got the pattern for the pumpkin doily from it was a free pattern and works up like a charm. I'm going to make some more just to dress up my pumpkins.

Im now concentrating on finishing up my house, as soon as I'm done I'll take some pics to show you all.

Ok be blessed and prepare yourselves for the coming holidays!

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