Wednesday, April 24, 2013

catching up...

Hi ya Peeps,
  Its been hectic around here to say the least.we had a flood in our master bath that went into our closet then into the bedroom. So we called Allstate our insurance and they came right out. Took pics then went away. when they came back to us they informed us that they would have to tear our all our walls andtile in bathroom due to asbestos in the walls.
   They took everything out(I forgot to take pics) I did get some pics of the closet after they finished how do you like it?
 The shoe box in the middle of the room is leaving and Ill just have a chaise lounge in the middle to sit on. Its cedar lined closet isnt it gorgeous. I can wait for it all to be finished
Heres the tile I picked out for the bath. its so nice I cant wait to see how it transforms my bathroom.and the little puppy you see wanting her pic takin is Teacup
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