Friday, August 06, 2010

I know I lnow Ive been gone awhile

Ive been busy with my life and God has been busy with me too! I hope you all have been great this summer. Its been way hot here in Vegas. But from what I hear its hot hot hot all over this country.
  Ive been busy with crochet as always but Im getting a little down but I know I can make it through. We have a little over 20 lapghans and I was hoping for at least 50 or 60 this year but I will continue on till we have to stop.
  Im trying to plan for my christmas list but I dont know if I will crochet gifts this year. I was thinking of just doing myself a new afghan this year instead of making stuff for everyone. Thinking of taking a little break I think. What do you all think ? Should I take this year off?
  Ive been baking lots of cookies and making new and exciting dinners I hope. If you have any recipes for easy and quick dinners send them my way Ill try them all.
  Ok my friends if you think of me while your saying your prayers please pray that I grow in Gods word and stay in His word.

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