Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thaksgiving my Friends

Wow I slept most of this day away. I do pray you all have a full belly and that your nice and warm in your comfy home. Terry went and picked up dinner from Marie Callenders and I didnt know it but I had to cook the turkey breast for 2 hours before we could eat it. And I had to cook most of the food I thought all I would have to do was take it out of the box and heat it up not cook it! Terry ended up eating the rest of my roast I cooked the other day and he loved it said we should have a roast for dinner next Thanksgiving. So maybe Ill just do that next year.
Im still working on my aghans I have only ten more to make then Im done.
OK have a very happy Thanksgiving chat with you later...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Susan and Van

TO all who may happen by here... Can you send a little or two or three prayers up toward God to hear for Van and Susan? They are in the midst of a big medical issue and they are asking for prayers. And I just know you will all do that for me for sure:) You can read more about Van over on Susans site . I know they would love it if you sent them a little prayer their way.
Im doing great Ive been working (Crocheting) on my lapghans I need 10 more lapghans then Im done. Did I tell you last week about a very sweet lady named Debra called me and offered a small collection of patterns and some yarn that belong to her dear momma. Her mom was an avid doily maker and she would do charity work too! She passed a few months ago at 88 years old and Debra did not know what to do with her moms vast collection of patterns and some yarn too. Of course I said ...Sure I"ll take it:)I love all the doily patterns. Makes me want to start one right now but of course Ive got to finish my lapghans before starting a doily. But I plan next year to start on a new project maybe some filet will do me good!
IM also collecting boxes so I can box up all my little goodies in my home. Ive started with the library ( yes this house has a library) Im going to miss it, thats for sure, so Im trying to weed out books but I just dont want to give any up. Ive started rereading my books. Im in the middle of the Left Behind Series. I love my books! If you know of a goods read let me know Im always game.
Ok have a great night I need to get back to my crocheting...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prayers needed

Ok my Friends,
I need all my praying friends to pray that we can sell our house fairly quick. I know God can do this I just want Him to do it fairly quick:) He guides my steps and I want to be in line with what He wants I really belive this is one of those things I am being directed to do. I think He wants Terry and I lined up for rough days ahead. SO He is saying down size and unload what I just dont need anymore.
Karen and I a really crocheting along with the Christmas project we are working on. She wants to go and give out the shawls and lapghans so I need to find out if we can go along to do that. What an exciting year this is going to be.
I want you all to know I love you all and Im so happy you come to my little blog to see what Im involved in these days.
Oh happy day, tata for now...
Heres alittle something for you all a Chocolate glazed donut to much on. Im down another 5 pounds Yippee Its still coming off.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Im here

Friends, Ive been busy with my crocheting for the convelesent home, Im almost done. I need 10 more lapghans and then Im finished. My friend Karen is bringing up the shawls from the rear:) heehee Shes doing fantastic. Keep up the great work Karen!
Im in the midst of trying to obtain boxes for moving. We found out tonight that the renter will be out sometime in mid December so we will be moving as soon as they are out. We need to pick paint colors and carpet and linolium. I want to get this right so I dont have to do it again really soon. Im trying to decide how to decorate I feel like this will be almost my last try at decorating this old house. I thought about country but my furnishings is more modern and antiques mixed. I may try contemporary. I have figured out I want Roosters for my kitchen I love roosters. I already decorate in red and black here so I thought I would add roosters in the mix:)
Im going to take before pics so you all can see what Ill be up to as soon as we can get in there. Im waiting for the gas company to call to see if we can go gas in the house its all electric right now. But where we live right now is mostly gas and I love it. So say a little prayer that they can convert the house to gas.
Ok Ill be back as soon as I can get a break...Dani summoned me back from the crocheting world by asking were Ive been hiding. Ill be back...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ive been busy as well today. Im crocheting away I am over half way done with the Convelesent homes items for Christmas:)
I went on Craigs list and found some yarn to buy. Im really excited about it all. There is alittle over 200 skeins of yarn Im thrilled. She is asking 200.00 for the lot. Im going to check it out tomorrow.
We have a new president and Im praying that it all goes well. The Lord is in control so Im happy.
The weather here has been awesome. Its just now starting to get chilly. I love the fall its so cool and crisp.
Everyone around here is working so I decided to order Thanksgiving dinner from Marie Callender. Terry found out that he has to be a work around 3 that day so its just going to be him and I for dinner. And I dont have to do any cooking. Thats going to be weird thats for sure.
Im starting to collect boxes for the move. Abbea says she has a bunch I want to get started packing so Ill be ready for it when it comes.
God has been so good to me and I praise Him for it all. Thanks.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ok Im back to my old self:) Ive wrapped my head around moving back to the old neighborhood. I really dont want to but to prepare our way to the future its a must do issue. The house has been rented for over 15 years and I just cant imagine what it looks like now, since I have not been in it for over 5 years. I just know the people renting it now hoard things, all kinds of things! I just pray they take it all with them when they move out:)
I have all kinds of plans for the house once I get in there tho. I hope I can deal with all the mess till then. I have to start collecting boxes now so I will have them ready when I need them.
I want to thank you all for praying for me... I felt the prayers for sure! God will bless me in this new adventure He always does!
IM continuing crocheting for the charity I chose this year. I have 2 other ladies helping me out so its coming along I think I will make the deadline Dec.15.
Ok have a great day and dont forget to go VOTE please.